Support you get water leak detection

We have the capability to assume complete project responsibility. Based on years of experience in engineering, installation and commissioning, we are committed to providing current state of the art water Solution & water leak detection projects .

Reetaj Technologies

Types of Services

We work in a wide variety of industries, and our specialties include:

Leak Detection Installation, Commissioning & Servicing Public sector, such as Hospitals, Schools, Colleges, etc. inherently have water infrastructures, which frequently suffer from high levels of water leakage. We have carried out Leak Detection Surveys throughout middle east for a large number of Public clients, which generated savings in their water bills, some as much as 250,000 USD per year.

Flow & Pressure Data Logger

Environmental Monitoring & Water Quality measurements

Pipe Tracing & Mapping

Permanente Leakage Monitoring & Alarming

SALE & HIRE: Data Loggers, Leak Detection Equipment, Pressure Reducing Valves, Water distribution & Transmission network supply , valves , DI pipes , PE pipes , Electromagnetic , Ultrasonic and Mechanical flow meters , Ductile Iron fittings, Electro-fusion fittings

Water Leakage Control Equipment

NRW reduction projects

Water pressure Management (PRVs control)

Trenchless equipment supply

Pressure test equipment supply

Ground Penetrating Radar GPR

Water GRP Tanks & Pipes

Electromagnetic, Ultrasonic and Mechanical flow meters AMR Solution

Pipe and cable locating systems

Remote Monitoring & GSM SCADA for water

Oil and gas industries

Data Acquisition & SCADA

Microwave data transmission solution

Machine Remote Monitoring (M2M)

System Integration & System Installation Servicing & Training