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Pressure Management

Pressure management is a major element in a leakage management strategy. Pressure reduction is probably the simplest and most immediate way of reducing leakage within the distribution system. Its benefits are immediate. Even where already practised, it is likely to be worthwhile to re-examine and re- set equipment and schemes to take advantage of progressive technical developments, and local system alterations.

 Pressure Control Benefits can:

• Reduce leakage

• Reduce pressure-related consumption such as hand-washing, car washing etc

• Reduce the frequency of bursts, at least in the immediate future – subsequent savings in repair costs can exceed those due to reduced leakage

• Stabilise pressure, decreasing the possibility of pipework movement and fatigue type failures, and possibly eliminating certain household plumbing problems.

• Provide a more constant service to customers – large diurnal pressure variations may give customers an impression of a poorly managed service, and unnecessarily high pressures raise customers expectations and perceptions of what is adequate.

• Enable a company to standardise on pipes and fittings which have a lower pressure rating, and are therefore cheaper

• Assist demand management when flow restriction is necessary i.e. during drought. .