Reetaj Technologies

Leak Locatization

Noise Loggers help to reduce leakage levels and operating costs simultaneously by facilitating the monitoring, or surveying, of large areas quickly and effectively, and with much reduced manpower, compared with traditional sounding stick use (sometimes known as ‘stop tap bashing’). Noise loggers usually operate during the night, at the time of lowest background noise and highest pressure, and need only receive a leak signal at one sensor. This makes them a more effective survey tool than the correlator. In addition, they are considerably more sensitive than the human ear, and facilitate identification of the low level noise often associated with leaks on larger diameter mains, on plastic pipes, and in low-pressure areas. They have been proven in urban areas where leakage is difficult to detect even by correlator use, and also where the local mains system is complicated, making it difficult to track down leakage sources. They are now an integral part of leak detection methodology, and promise greater cost-effectiveness in the further lowering of leakage levels.